"In this day of ubiquitous photo-taking, I have tons of pictures of my family. Pictures taken on our phones.  Pictures with flag poles or trees that seem to be growing out of somebody's head. And, almost always, pictures with at least one family member behind the camera. That's where Susan comes in. She not only takes wonderful, professional pictures of all of us, but she also seems to capture our personalities and love for one another in her photos. We have trusted her with our family photos for years, including maternity shots and newborn shots of our younger child. We have always been more than impressed with what she has been able to do. Thanks, Susan"  Shannon CR, Client

"Susan has photographed our daughter multiple times since she was six months old. I am always amazed at the beauty and essence of what she captures--the various moods and looks that express different aspects of my daughter's personality. Susan's artistic sensibility, combined with her patience, professionalism and attention to detail, make her photographs cherished works of art in our family."  Sondra B. - Client

"I was fortunate to have Susan photograph me for my website. I chose Susan for her styling ability, and the unique way she draws out the beauty of her subject.  She captures the light and essence of human expressions, and renders all to artistic and delecate perfection."   Elda B. - Client

"The pictures that Susan took of my grandson far exceeded my expectations.  She captured both his ever-changing moods and the essence of his personality.  The pictures that she took are by far my favorites.  The composition of the photos is exceptional.  With her expertise, rapport with her subject, and technical knowledge, she is truly a professional in every way."  Lisa P.  - Client